$APDN how cow what a great day of trading!! hope the bulls are killing it today! we caught this one at 1.25 break this morning. so far with 4.00 high we're at 220% potential gain from alert! $ILAG caught this one 2x today first from 2.60 break for the frun to 3.15 in premarket. Then again later in the day from 2.50 break. 58% possible gain from alert at 2.50. $AMTD caught this in premarket from 6.80 break. Sent the alert to the team shortly after 6am est! 111% possible gain from alert. $OST played from 2.35 break. 44% possible gain from alert. 11/13 on day trade alerts today. I not only send alerts, but explain in heavy detail what we're looking for to see the bigger moves happen. I'm here to teach you how to read charts and predict movement. I have tons of friends and family on my team. I give same advice to everyone, genuine passion to help my members succeed.