$NOK Do NOT PANIC! This will continue to grow beginning next week! I know this dip is bringing out the emotions in everyone. But like I said earlier this week - this is out of our hands. The MM's planned to play $4.50 calls after the positive news about a month ago to make some quick money (with the intention all of the calls would expire because their is no way it would jump again quickly.) Well guess what?!?! The AG of the U.S. came out last week and said that they were looking into Nokia to build out the 5G infrastructure in the U.S. Now what?!?! The stock spiked again to $4.40s. The MM's know that if the stock hit $4.50 then their stocks are gone. With the potential of this stock the MM's would miss out on 100s of thousands or even millions of dollars in the next year or two. So the MM's continuously buying and selling for penny gains to ensure that this stock does not hit $4.50 today. Thank you all for listening to my TED TALK! Remember its #FF #FollowBack
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