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      Sergey Kovalonok
      Working as an analyst for Swiss Mutual Fund. Gained 7+ years of experience in FX and 4+ years in equities. Investing style is constantly adopting as market behavior changes.
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      Peter Kaye
      I was previously the CIO of Nitesco Investments, a small student run hedge fund in Vancouver, Canada specializing in short term strategies with a core portfolio of long term, value stocks. I now run my own portfolio in Vancouver, Canada.
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      Finances Stock releases
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      Thomas Wood
      Partner and Director of Trading Operations at MicroQuant llc Professional Trader and Host of the BaseCamp Trading Futures Trading Room
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      Real-time Sentiment Analysis and News Analytics on Stocks, Fx, and commodities. Check or { APPS FINSENTS <GO> on Bloomberg for more details.
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      Gerald Langelier
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      26 year old graduate of the University of St. Thomas (MN), B.A. in financial management; enjoy trading biotechs and aspire to be an "early retirement" full time stock trader.
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      former fundi pm, 20 yrs on buyside, using more and more technicals for swing
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      Jeff Macke Official Account
      Professional investor since 1997. +19.5% net annualized returns from 1998-2005. Original cast member of Fast Money. Host on Yahoo Finance 2011- March 2015. Author: Clash of the Financial Pundits w/ Josh Brown
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      Jeremy Wagner Official Account
      Head of DailyFX Education
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      Nick Gweezy
      Business Journalist, Past Works Featured at Minyanville, Benzinga, IBT Media, Newsweek, Seeking Alpha, CNN Money and Yahoo Finance
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      Full time trader, mostly WTI. Worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer for almost 10 years before burning out and leaving. Trading is how I make my living but I spend the majority of my day horseback riding, woodworking, baking or gardening.
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      Institutional Options Analyst
      We use most advance software to detect SUPPORT/RESISTANCE/CHART PATTERNS ACCURATELY & INSTITUTIONALS options blocks to find our trades! Join -> Learn how -> GAIN! FREE TRIAL
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      Jack Ryan
      Everything oil, investing, and economics. Follow me on twitter @RyanOilUSA
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      Peter Jakonovisky
      My part-time trading rules : 60% long-term; 40% medium-term (swing). Aggressive growth investor. All of my messages are my opinions and not investment advice.
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      tom lloyd sr.
      My articles on, My book "Successful Stock Signals" at market charts at web link below or at Tom attends LI,NY Stocktwits monthly meeting.
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      Richard Suttmeier Official Account
      Suttmeier, a former U.S. Treasury trader has more than 40 years of experience in the U.S. financial markets. Suttmeier is an engineer by education with a master of science degree. He has been writing newsletters and market commentaries since 1984,
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      QEG Market Trends
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      The Naked Poet
      I am a Double Reverse Secret Hedge Strategist, my profile has changed from Jakked Zombie Trader to Nostradamus to Michael Fockersworth to The Ghost of Mr. Fockersworth to The Naked Poet.
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      Gary M (R2S2)
      participate in a Skype trading group