$SFOR SpaceCycles owner (distributor of SafeVchat) once mentioned on the phone that beta testing was done and they were going live from Jan 5, 2021, which was on their website as well. The soft launch was on Dec 18, the live trial started on Jan 5. I wish we could see some news that some businesses are using it. Their trial process is also very complicated. Not sure what is the hold up. I have never seen a trial process is so layered and complicated. So far only one distributor SpaceCycles is active. Does anyone know the other name distributors started working, their websites don’t work. Those email to Mark often, please ask why the trial process is so slow and complicated. If the product goes mainstream, stock price will go along. Not worried about that.
@MNK3240 Right now he is working on making sure his key clients are taken care well before mass media exposure!! They are already overwhelm with new business!!! But I rather he take his time and do it right than fuck it up and do it fast and wrong!!! We know how that looks with Zoom when you do it fast and wrong!!! Besides Mr. Wonderful is not stressing out so no need for you!!! Millionaires are created of night!!! Patience is key!!!
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