$ONTX Last post for the night for me. Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow. Remember a pr is due anyday now and monday would be ideal for it. Plenty of cash now and I believe this will see organic growth over $1 as I said before I think the company is setting the table for a buyout opportunity and will only do a R/S if its necessary which I think is very unlikely with all the milestone payments and all this recent institutional buying going on. I believe $3-$5 is reasonable but if Rigosertib can help a patient go into remission then this could be a $7-$10 stock maybe higher depending as Rigosertib I believe is worth 500 million to 1 billion dollars based off its treatment sector in the biotech industry. This is a medium to long term hold in my opinion. Remission is what you want to be watching for that word in biotechs is worth a fortune. Rigosertib has a lot of promise so we shall see what the future holds. Have a good night everybody 🤝
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