$TTOO fellow TTOO investors. I’m really sick of seeing the BS on this board. If you’re invested in this company then you know our time will come. If you’ve done your DD you know or time will come. If you’re aware of the covid situation in this country then you know our time will come. If you don’t have the patience to wait then the door is right there. Hit the sell button and just go. There is no way there are grown men on this board whining like children. I’ve been here for a while watching this ticker move sideways.. are you too ignorant to see the positive in that? Are you too ignorant to see who we’ve brought on board(see what I did there). If you don’t have positive energy and thoughts then don’t post. I know there are people here with big money riding on this company. It’s not a game to us! News will come! It’s INEVITABLE! You cowards who consider yourselves investors, mark this post! This is one hell of a company with one hell of a product! Stop it already! I’m sick of it!
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