@Lunacy @ehpats @onemodolar @LordDragon Thanks CJ. I've been having a problem with my MacBook Air reading pdf files since right before Ph3... and now my wireless mouse decides to stop working. I bought this MacBook Air a year ago thinking it would solve all my PC problems... uggghhhh... I can't win.... the Aurinia slides only show up for maybe 10 seconds max and then I get the message attached... very frustrating... now I know I can't depend on the clinical trial site for good info... Agree completely, 0.3 UPCR is tougher than 0.5. Now I'm waiting to hear if some data someone shared with me is OK to post here or not... because it makes 0.3 look easy. I'm still feeling extremely positive about the FSGS trial given what I learned. 😁 Guess I need to visit the Geek Squad at Best Buy next week....
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