$TBEV So we’ve been discussing TBEV’s profile update changes since market close among my group. However I want to post it here so there isn’t any confusion. So I’ve sat on some DD that hasn’t been too relevant to post because we obviously already know that TBEV has changed hands. However because of this change it may be more pertinent. The paper trail goes from High Performance Beverage co —> Cascade Dairy Holdings inc —> Columbia Basin Dairy Holdings —> Paul Strickland, Selkirk Global Holdings LLC, and Endicott Holdings Group LLC. Paul Strickland and these holding groups take over companies by appointing him secretary and then sell the shell and facilitate the merger of the new company. Continued...
With this update of TBEV’s profile, the phone number also changed to the same phone number HUML uses. Also the same format of email info@humlinc.com and info@tbevinc.com. There’s a change the merger is still taking place and hasn’t been fully completed yet. HUML is a prime example (one of MANY) that Paul Strickland has facilitated. Check out their recent OTC filings and you’ll see Paul Strickland and Endicott Holdings Group has done as I’ve explained. I’ve dug into many companies that literally follow the same format.