I know that today and yesterday were my worst trading days in literally months. It happens to everybody. Even Multi millionare famous traders have bad trades and loses at times. I am not the best trader, I said many times, I win more than I lose but I do lose trades. Hope you all listened to me preaching about position size control and you guys did not lose too much today on both my HUSN and CHNR call. But like I said many times to take profit when green. HUSN hit .92 and you guys coulda made it out. I just wanted to take the risk and hold for a lot more. SPY being red messed up the momentum and volume, I know it isn't good to blame but its a fact if this was a green monday and no other play was going on, HUSN would have hit $1. I was almost positive on this play. man... I will try to keep quiet now and just say what stocks I am watching , not that I bought because I do not want you guys to lose money with me. So next time I say watching you decide. Sorry again.
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