$GHSI Well,... this past week was quite the emotional roller coaster!!!! Monday and Tuesday were full of happy, enthusiastic remarks/posts and rocket ship emojis and then, well,.... everyone here knows how that turned out lol. I guess the MM’s weren’t ready to let this baby go? They had to bring it down( hopefully for the last time!) again so the “big dawgs” could load up a little more. This company is in great shape and has a very promising/profitable future, both in the short/medium term and most definitely in the long term. I believe we see the “true” start of the breakout this week! With the insanely high number of shares shorted, and an excellent ER around the corner, which will fuel a pre-Earnings run-up that could begin as soon as this week, or any number of the PR’s we’re-waiting on that could be dropped any day now, and I’m sure other catalysts I haven’t mentioned yet, I’m excited for the new week to come! Good luck to everyone and stay safe & healthy out there!
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