$CCXI The ones on here with insight know that selling was ignorant at $10, $15, $20, $30 and will be at prices higher than this. I will not take short term capital gains on this. A drop in volume will play completely into our hands because the liquidity has been significantly high and easier for people to create short positions and cover. I liked it best when this was averaging 800k to 1.2 million shares traded on a very thin level 2. Over the last few days market maker's have been sitting here creating most of the volume and making money off of their volume control. It's impossible to have a stock that has a total retail share float of around 9 million and trade 145 million shares unless the market makers are creating significant artificial volume. I have seen it where they do it to create a short squeezes, but this one has left absolutely clueless. I assume the many spikes created by MMs have attracted many short positions.