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      The views expressed on this account are my own and do not reflect the views of any company. Do your own DD.
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      Taylor Mann Official Account
      Pearl Jam Aficionado - Texas BBQ Connoisseur - Hedge Fund Manager
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      TradeStation Group Official Account
      No matter what your level of trading, TradeStation can help elevate your game with award-winning tools, education you'll never outgrow and support that's there when you need it. Visit for details and disclosures.
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      Henri Steenkamp
      Henri Steenkamp is the CFO, Treasurer, and CCO of Saratoga Investment Advisors, LLC. He works and lives primarily in New York City.
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      AnalystRatingsNetwork (formerly Analyst Ratings Network) provides real-time financial information to investors at all levels.
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      Send some BTC 1AMjPKCsLcNk7C3kuw6W1Kj8ak9ubz8JHH
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      Dawn Rinaldi
      Industry veteran and loyal student of markets. FT technical trader (supply/demand) Mastermind student of Online Trading Academy. I do NOT buy hi/sell lo. -Everything you need to know in the charts - listening. (NOT here for fees)
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      Bryan Nice
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      Michael Kahn, CMT Official Account
      Chartist, technician, journalist, author
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      Mometic Official Account
      The fastest way to discover stock breakouts -- MOMO streams realtime highs & lows directly to your iPhone. Features StockTwits integration. **Android now Available!**
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      Tick Tock
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      Piotr Pomorski
      MSc International Economics and Business graduate. Interested in a vast area of stock markets, M&A, and technical analysis.
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      What you need to know on Wall Street right now. News is intended for informational purposes only and does not claim to be actionable for investment decisions. Staff does NOT provide any individual investment advice or money management assistance.
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      Alpha Hat Official Account
      Discover insights from financial data easily
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      Troy Taylor
      I use me 20+ years experience to help traders at all levels achieve incredible results... even if the most they've ever got out of the markets is pain and frustration.
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      Brian McCloskey
      Trading for 20 years.SLKC/GS for 10.Traded 4 Institutions managing 750 billion.Now Prop.-Self proclaimed market psychologist due to years of watching sheep play 'Follow the Loser'-my opinions are Not those of any of my employers
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      VWAP Trader
      Professional trader and dedicated to providing day trading education based on the vwap indicator
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      @PressReleases finds press releases related to public companies and publishes the links. We hope investors find the account useful.
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      Most popular all-in-one stock earnings app. Accurate earnings data, latest news, realtime discussion and smart forecast for over 8000 stock. Make smart investment in stock earnings today, download (iOS) at
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      Tom Lydon Official Account
      Daily news, commentary & robust research tools for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Your one-stop shop for ETF investing.