$NLST In my opinion and the way i see it... Google & Samsung through their Motions to Stay & Sever, have provided Sheasby the opportunity while opposing the motions, to rebuke and argue against the SamsungDE case... delegitimizing it and exposing the gamesmanship between them. When these motions are denied as i believe, G & S opened the door for Netlist to file Notice Of Development In Related Action in S DE case, to make judge Andrews aware how frivolous that case is and that Seeborg & Gilstrap didn't buy their arguments and rejected it by way of denying the motions. With Google's Motion to Stay and Samsung'sTX Motion to Sever they opened the door to SamsungDE case being litigated indirectly by Sheasby, who saw to take advantage and use the circumstances to his benefit. Denial of both motions by both judges would make clear they aren't playing along with G & S games.