$VIX $DRIP $TVIX If you think the mkt is going up and invest with that paradigm, you'll end up bankrupt. The true fear hasn't yet begun. You will see VIX above 100. You are drinking Trump's koolaid. ZERO change we return to normal at any time in 2020.
Notes on $TVIX ... as some may not understand this instrument. It's a leveraged instrument on the VIX ("fear index" ) rising. At 61 in the $VIX we're still extremely high. As the market turns and is going up, the fear becomes less and therefore the VIX losses value. The normal measure for the VIX would be below 20 (currently at 61). The TVIX came from $38 on Feb.19 and soared to around $967. As the market bottom was supposedly established yesterday (3/23) and the market has no more downward momentum, the TVIX is subjected to lose value as the VIX loses value and the momentum is gone. The loss in value in the TVIX can be substantial and it can drop rapidly as we've seen in the past few days when it lost -70% from it's high. But the TVIX is still overvalued because there's daily decay and there's no more VIX momentum to the upside, but rather VIX is most likely to move lower as it is still at extremely high levels. In a sense the $DRIP shows us what happens to these instruments.
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