$NVVE how are they an Saas company? Im a bit confused about 1 thing. So in the investor presenation they presented a test case where someone could get 2K yearly by selling the energy to the grid. Is that 2K the reveneue the company gets?
@Stonks2022 Would suggest all those that own or are interested in $NVVE to take advantage of the long week end and watch the full CEO interview to understand the company, V2G stack, and economics more. The image below is the breakdown for revenue. After all expenses = 823 EUR per year to Nuvve, or 968 USD. A bus would be 10x that. Also there are inefficiencies still with regulators and utilities and they think that revenue and customer savings can grow more as this new sector opens and expands. Nuvve is built on software, service, and tools for customer, and are based on 10+yr contracts that generate recurring rev with high margins, hence, SaaS. youtube.com/watch?v=tlvrWQg...
@SPACtori @Stonks2022 thanks buddy, going to watch the interview this weekend. There is Just one thing i dont undertsand, if 2750 is total revenue, what does the customer gets? If i understand correctly the consume (the driver of the car) also gets money to "sell" energy, right? How much of it? And you talked about 10+ years of contract, with who? The OEMs like Blue Bird and Lion Electric? Finally, what is stopping the consumers to just go to another charging V2G (once competitors come out with V2G)?