$MVIS @micky_moose is @geoffreyporter still pumping that pathetic contract by the DOD??? It's NOT EVEN WORTH 2 BILLION spread over 2 years to a company (MSFT) that is projected to have over 140 billion in revenue in just this year alone.... that guy is so delusional he thinks the reference to MSFT not getting all the money in the article somehow means MVIS is getting the rest? So silly here šŸ¤Ŗ Obviously this guy's reaching ENORMOUSLY to sell his pixie dust to ppl who aren't compotent enough to their own DD, thus benefiting himself and the handful of others that are PUMPING this. Give your head a shake , son. That contract is a drop in the bucket for MSFT. How much can you possibly think MVIS' 2 measly parts are worth to them šŸ˜†
@geoffreyporter @micky_moose oh the irony in YOU, of all people talking about manipulation. You have done nothing but deceive , lie and tell half-truths to innocent shareholders who mistakenly put too much faith in someone who will ONLY PUMP a stock and show none of the negative sides.... most are incredibly damaging to the prospecta of a buyout, especially by MSFT Funny, you still have NOT provided a direct retort to my post