$MVIS @KungFuKenny10 @wwtech @StoppedOut6 Everything about this supposed Buyout screams Fairy Tale. Right from the moment it was first mentioned by the CEO. Look at the context in which it was brought up. A failing company that was reporting less than half of their expected revenue at the time. Any remaining shareholders would have immediately sold if he didn't conjure up something like that. They then retain a Financial Advising firm who's own members were very skeptical of an acquisition.... think about all the background info they had to give them this opinion? There is SO much out there that shows this is a Pump n Dump and not surprisingly, the ones who do the most pumping, are the ones that are here CONSTANTLY posting lies and half truths. @wwtech is probably the worst one of all with the deception. Be careful my man. He's the one with 17 years of losses in this stock
@ZgAoB @StoppedOut6 here's Fei Fang's analysis on Nio. He's one of $GS ' s analysts that recently cut Nio's valuation in half, down to $7 (at the time they were trading close to 14). GS is one of NIO's largest investors with over 10 million shares. Fang's valuation could have potentially caused GS $70 million had he successfully dropped the price down to his target. His intent was to achieve a better entry point for GS. This is a perfect example of why analysts do what is best for their employer, not shareholders