$MVIS I think alot of people don't understand how big a deal it is that Microsoft is using microvision technology in their latest experimental tech. Microsoft didn't decide to use any other tech company why? Not saying there's a buy out but you have to admit that's a pretty big deal. Microsoft could have made their own device for the holo lens?
@StoppedOut6 @JuanDenver @e34guy you posted a tear down and I posted a tear down, both showing different parts of the hololens. So that part is kind of null. Your speculating just as much as those speculating about MSFT. I don’t know what I believe but my point is your argument is no more convincing than the argument made that it’s MSFT. Is ST addressing consumer and military markets with their products? If so, wouldn’t they be a much more renown company?
@MrBeano @JuanDenver @StoppedOut6 @e34guy My post is from an accredited company that has done hundreds of teardowns on similar techs and has no reason whatsoever to lie. Your's is from a bagholder that had over 100k reasons to cover ST's logo in their edited video. Your money is invested and I wish you best of luck with it. Make no mistake though, the pumpers here are, and have been, lying to new investors for a long time about MVIS' importance to MSFT. This will come to light in the future. Guaranteed
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