$MVIS More proof the Pumper has absolutely no idea what he's reading. Apple's newly granted patent is for a device to mount a Head Mounted Display to. This is why the patent is entitled: "Head support for head-mounted display" "The head support includes a band and an adjustment mechanism coupled to the band to lengthen the head support and keep the band in tension during extension and retraction of the head support." This patent has NOTHING to do with who or what technology will be used in any future device. That is why they list every single type of light source possible for AR and VR devices. Even one that is still being developed πŸ˜‚ "The display may utilize digital light projection, OLEDs, LEDs, uLEDs, liquid crystal on silicon, laser scanning light source," patents.justia.com/patent/1... Is this really what investing in this company has come to? Pumping meaningless random pieces of hardware. Gonna be a long 4 to 5 years for everyone πŸ˜„