$NBY swing with the pumpers , hold a core positionfor Epa. It’s become quite clear we’re back in that same Pattern we we’re in before that run to 2 bucks whenever it was july ? June ??? Who the hell even looks at a calendar anymore. competitors for market share are emerging @Strader91 found an otc who will now be selling on amazon trying to cut into our share further. As a business owner in a competitive space i thrive on these challenges . now that our competitive advantage of timing is slowly dwindly away we need epa obviously but beyond that we need to fight hard to maintain the gains of this past quarter on avenova as more competitors emerge. Still bullish just hate we got slow rolled by fda and epa
@monopolyman85 @Bigdubs had htbx 1.55 around 430am now only up .06 still over 100$ gain back on the swing between yesterday and today, they just filed an S8 I have to read it still but employees getting more shares basically this is going to drop bomb news soon
@monopolyman85 @Bigdubs I’m certain of this they just got a rating today on a 4$ PT so I’m feeling with the S8 that just came out as well as I am seeing rumors of merger with some smaller company. I think the at the money offering is over too this is making me feel good could turn out be good couple weeeks here. I’m working till about 11 today then I have to come back I can’t work all day knowing there’s all this stuff floating around at home lol 😂
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