@Strader91 take a peek at citys posts about sonn from last night/early morning...... im very very very close to using this nby money from the .90 sell I haven’t rebought with yet and parking it all in sonn. I still have a 100k of nby for a run but I’m feeling more confident about sonn going 200% plus
@monopolyman85 I can’t wait to December I need to start full time trading probably 3rd4th week of November maybe first week December and I need every week to capitalize so I’ll have to have all my swings sold by then so I have my liquidity to make those day trades. Sucks cause I’ll have to take a loss so I’ll have even less lmao 😂 but I just finished that side job today made an extra 300$ between a few hours yesterday and 6ish today. Here’s the job don’t mind the mess we put the floor in.