$ONTX I posted this once, but will again so that anyone new to this sector can see this info. Not a bear/short. Bio Source analyzed individual drug program phase transitions from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2015. For the ten years studied, 9,985 transitions in the Biomedtracker database were analyzed - Phase I, II, III to FDA approval. They looked at clinical trials spanning 15 different disease categories including oncology of course. These transitions occurred in 7,455 clinical drug development programs, across 1,103 companies (both large and small), making this the largest study of its kind. For Oncology in Phase III the odds of a positive outcome is 40%. So for those of you thinking this is automatic or especially if you know nothing of why you invested in this, you might want to keep this in mind as we approach the outcome. Out of the 15 categories oncology PIII success is the lowest due to its complexities.
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