$RGS ok, I found it. In September Regis sold 8,072,304 shares at an average price of $4.12 to raise $33,237,397. These shares are now worth $13M. Smart money knows what’s up. They are “insiders” who can actively buy or short the stock. It might seem an absurd idea that they would also be behind this ongoing short attack but what if you have insider knowledge that the company would not get in the way of it?
@Jf12 @flossman75 I thought they said they raised 37mil via ATM? I’ll reread. And the atm was done back in February and the funds finally settled in September and October according to their last earnings call.
@Jf12 @flossman75 were both correct. The net result as of the earnings call was 37mil after fees but the 33 mil was for that ending quarter. The remain 5 mil settled in October.