$MBRX Interesting that this morning's PR said "are excited to begin an in vivo study involving our WP1122 PORTFOLIO" Presumably that means that these studies will not only eventually apply to an IND for a COVID therapy, but also other applications. Lest we forget what those are (From their website) "WP1122 and its analogs (molecules with similar structures) have shown activity against brain tumor cell lines in in vitro testing and, more importantly, in an orthotopic brain tumor (implanted in the brain) animal model. One candidate has been shown to outperform Merck’s Temodar®, the frontline FDA approved drug, which is considered the standard of care for the treatment of brain tumors. The market for Temodar® has reached nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. We believe that WP1122 and similar compounds address a significant unmet need in the treatment of brain tumors and should be applicable to other difficult-to-treat, glucose dependent tumors, such as pancreatic cancer." PIPELINE!!!
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