I don’t know man, it’s an otc uplist that’s headed up by a guy who already blew up one company. Not sure it’s anything other than a trading vehicle. With that said if it does bounce, more likely Wainwright and Empery calling back their shares, and turning on their algo. Definitely a great opportunity for us to learn from. Definitely worth listening to conference call on Monday. For those saying it will get delisted, I just don’t see that happening. People who are much smarter and influential than us have a vested interest in seeing to it that that doesn’t happen. I anticipate it gapping down a lot, some short cover bounce, sideways for a few days, then Pr parabolic rip. And overhead resistance will be less after the capitulation. Will be a wild one.
@StuMcstuart Yeah, I see the sell off, but I don't see it staying down. The simple fact that the halt was widely covered says to me that people outside of the arena that didn't know about AEMD's capabilities are now researching. Why did Yahoo devote any time to covering a $2 stock, for instance? Now, in a "common sense" world, at least to me, Merck or one of the large caps that want the Hemopurifier and of course the credit for eliminating the current threat. When, and I do say when that happens, it will of course be instant and there will be no such thing as covering.
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