$PLTR For those of you listening to the Trolls talking about the Ïnsider" selling go to this site. nasdaq.com/market-activity/... It shows all Insider Buying and Selling. It shows that on Feb 18 Peter Thiel sold 20,003,915 shares. It also shows that on Feb 17 that he acquired (bought) 111,139,130 shares. That's right, he bought over 111 million shares the day prior. He still owns over 161 million shares. It is basically the same for all the other Company Officers. They are awarded shares as part of their salary package and then they sell what they are awarded These sales, amount and date of the sell, are set months in advance, they are sold regardless of the price. So stop listening to these people that are trolling trying to get you to sell. This is a solid company and it will grow and make us all money. If you do not believe that and you want to listen to these TROLLS, then sell and move on. IMO you will regret it.