@StupidShort @quentc @Abczennis2 @rooksleanne The President does not have anything to do with enforcing State laws. The cities enforce their own laws. For example you can pull down your pants and take a crap right on the streets of Los Angeles and nothing happens, but if you offer a customer in a restaurant a straw without them asking for one you could be fined and thrown in jail. That does not happen in conservative cities. Another example is riots. In many of the democrat run cities you can riot and if they decide to put you in jail you walk out the same hour because of their NO bail policy. That would never happen in a conservative run city which is why you don’t have ongoing riots in conservative cities. The president has been very clear he does not want rioting and he can send in the National Guard but the democrat run cities refuse the help and they continue to allow the rioting the looting and burning of peoples businesses. The Dems always blame everyone but themselves.