$OCGN WORD OF ADVICE: We know this is not stopping 🚂 . Drug has thumbs up from FDA. Keep in mind that every morning there is a dip BUT then continues its pattern of pullbacks, slightly upward/downward sideways movement, followed by a new high and repeat. Opportunities will be any dip below $.70, once it reaches $.75-$.80, your out of luck. I feel like slapping those that complain when it’s pulling back. This is the one stock in a while that I feel 💯 x 3 confident that it will follow the same pattern ✌🏻. This is geared to hit $1 in a few days. Guaranteed. I know I should not say that but it’s how I feel. Hope this week but could be Monday-Tuesday next week. Don’t panic sell when it goes $.08 under the last high. I smiled when it dipped today as it was another confirmation of a healthy setup. Stay strong, keep emotions in check, hold and wait or grow your position if you want. I don’t want to hear any whiners tomorrow, please. Peace out!! 🤙🤙
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