$UAVS FULL REPORT: I arrived at my local mall, and immediately planned my entrace/exit strategy: I parked at the Macys. I picked the Macys for two reasons - one, there was a higher likelihood for a mall map to be placed at the entrance, and two, it would be easy to lose anyone tracking me upon my exit, as Macys are mazes designed by the devil himself. Upon entering the Macys, I instantly regretted my choice of a heeled shoe. They would hear my approach from a mile away. I did my best to calm my nerves, and soldiered on. The map was a no go; I was on my own in my search. Upon spotting an Auntie Anne's, I was greatly encouraged. Malls with Auntie Anne's are 58% more likely to contain a Cinnabon. Most of my photographic evidence is from a distance, as to keep my undercover status as a hard hitting investigative journalist on a mission.
Where to go from here? The mall is huge and there are stores everywhere. I looked ahead of me and spotted signs directing people to the supposed "Food Court." I decided to follow this possible lead.