$UAVS "Wal-Mart lands patent for in-store drones | Retail Dive" retaildive.com/news/wal-mar... Oh yeah, Walmart? Been over 3 years and you havent done DICK with this patent. Maybe Flytrex cant get the job done. OH YEAH THEY ARENT THE APPLE OF DRONES. DroneUp? Zipline? I dont see any patents for temperature controlled landing pads/delivery stations, Walmart. Aww, looks like someone missed the Valqari train. AgEagle has a first class cabin on this bitch. Too bad, so sad.
@MoneyMahomes Im afraid my genitalia does in fact block me from being able to join you there. Plus, in general, I have made a pact with myself to never learn football rules, as they have been greatly "niced up" (Im being cancel culture here) since the 80s. But, that will not stop me from posting hilarity and or insanity on the weekends, so kindly always keep me in mind. McCoy says he has 10 years experience reporting on local Wichita business. I DECLARE A FIRM LOL.