i am relatively new to all this - but I am a smart adult, my advice is, i would not even post about naysayers- you do you- never explain or apologize. you do a great job with good intentions - so as we say -“fu*k ‘em”
To the People that Do Not Believe me or like me, go Block me , it is Free. You really think I care if someone doesn't believe me??? I am not forcing any body to subscribe to me, no one is paying me any money , Why in the world would I spend 3 hours to write an outline,record multiple voiceovers, record,edit, just to delete it?? I make 1000x what I make swing trading compared on Youtube in a single day. I make like $1.02 per Youtube video , I got 1000 subs only lol..??????!?! Trolls will be perma blocked. I just want to share my thoughts in hope people learn penny stock game
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