$GDX $GLD Got profits? My $GDX buys are up 26.6% since 4-5 and 5-17 buys plus a put premium on the May purchase, but I'm not selling yet. @mtmen IMO I would at most trade around a core position in your winners until the trend changes. It hasn't. If you have miners in wh you have 100% gains, you could also take back your principle, ride the rest, set a mental stop on the remaining 1/2, or if you have to walk away, set a text alert, or a stop limit order adjusting the spread of the stop for volatility, and then reinvest the other half in an index like $GDX or in "other categories," if you need more diversification, that look favorable in the context falling rates and a slowing US economy. Always use a trailing stop on large profits, but adjust them to volatility, so you can stay on for the ride. $GLD $GDX are on a run and you want to stay on the horse for as long as you can. IMO! ;) There are other approaches. Check with a professional advisor as required to adjust to your needs.