$SPY $IJH $IWM $FXI $KWEB $CAF $KBA @POTUS #Trump thinks he's doing well to hurt #China. That's like being happy your left hand is inflicting pain on your right arm. #China represents a great deal of the world's #GDP growth now, and despite the positives of making China play fair (#Xi must agree to stop stealing US tech, yes), hurting their economy increases the risk of US recession as we sell into their NOW less rapidly growing economy. Who do you think buys iPhones now at the margin? Emerging markets like China and India. China and India alone represent 42% of Global GDP Growth per @Bloomberg stats with #China being 28% of that: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-06/where-will-global-gdp-growth-come-from-over-the-next-year