. @Jack $TWTR #Twitter is further descending into the abyss of crassness and deep negativity. It's been there for a long time, but this morning it descends another notch... Today Rep. Devin Nunes is being labeled "#DirectorofButtLicking." I dislike the guy, because he has no sense of what is right and what is objectively wrong (#Ukraine military aid being held up for #Trump's personal political reasons), but to allow this sort of language is a failure by @Jack and his company. People gang up on other people and attempt to humiliate them as in this case, if not also drive them off of Twitter through the defective #AI system Twitter seems to run (small accounts only of course; if you are "big," no one will seemingly bother you at Twitter. Business first. Individual Rights second.). It's no wonder $DIS would not touch it with a ten foot pole when they once considered buying it.
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