#TrumpTrial The small group of Republicans that want witnesses can get them by joining in with the Dems, as a 51 Vote/100 Senators is enough to thwart #McConnell's desire to get a quick dismissal without witnesses. Chief Justice Roberts may impact the decision as well. He will likely avoid taking on any position that is perceived as political however. As said last week, adding witnesses would raise conviction risk, but it's very low as it stands (near 0). Someone like Don #McGhan would be a much higher risk than #Bolton, because he could provide proof that #Trump attempted to obstruct justice, which WAS a conclusion of the #Mueller Report despite the public's impression that the report was a big nothing. #Mueller only said he could not INDICT the president per the constitutionally untested DOJ rule against indicting a sitting president, but listed multiple instances of obstruction by #Trump.
$SPY $SPX #Impeachment Articles to be sent over to Senate by Speaker #Pelosi "next week." Add some degree of risk (low at the moment per the stock market), although #Bolton wanting to talk could be a mixed bag for both parties. Some #GOP Senators are asking that witnesses be called: "Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she’s been working with a small group of senators to ensure there’s a pathway to calling witnesses, despite the GOP’s plans to defer those decisions until later in the trial. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has also said he’d like the opportunity to call witnesses at some point in the trial, including Bolton." politico.com/news/2020/01/1...
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