$MELI Down a "whopping" 0.14% now after tanking over 8% on last night's fear-based selling. As I said then, they are moving in the right direction in their expansion. You could have sold $AMZN 100 times on every blip in their expansion and lost a great opportunity. It's better to filter short term results through the prism of longer term plans and opportunities in both retail and payment realms for #MercadoLibre. Go ahead...say it out loud. I know you want to... MercadoLibre... ;)
$MELI Has clawed back up from -8%ish to -4.74%. Despite the miss on earnings (size of loss), the leadership seems extremely thoughtful in their analysis/strategy IMO. They are expanding aggressively, just as Amazon did earlier on, in both online retail and fintech payments businesses.
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