$SPX $SPY $FXI $SSEC #Coronavirus #COVID19 Update PART 2: There was a bit of a boost in the total case number Day/Day increase though it's still fairly low, while active case numbers FELL. I repeat: The number of sick patients FELL (see the negative bars on the graph). We need to see the total confirmed case number decline eventually to end this winter's COVID-19 challenge, and we'll have to watch out for a possible re-emergence of the virus if the spring/summer does, as expected, reduce its prevalence. The calculated mortality rate edged up very little to 3.44%. This is expected to be closer to 1% after the disease is further studied per some epidemiologists. For ex. children don't get very sick from the virus, which means they are under-counted. That makes the mortality rate appear higher than it is. Molecular testing of 1000's will help answer some of these questions. The most important result is the drop in active cases... It shows humans can beat this virus... 2/2
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