$SPX $SPY #coronavirus #California is often the leader and it’s governor is now leading @POTUS to the necessity of what I have called for days a #NationalCoronavirusVacation. Piecemeal will not do. You can’t have one part of the country isolating and another not isolating because the part not isolating will reinfect the part that has done the job properly! The curve is the curve and #CA recognized that the curve was against them. Specifically that the number of patients would soon overwhelm the healthcare system. If the president doesn’t GET THIS almost immediately, the California experiment will fail due to reinfection. If you care about your state, contact your Senators and your Representative in the House. Tell them the entire country needs to stay home, most likely something over 14 days and possibly as long as 30 days. If we do not do that, we will have #Italy’s numbers here within five days. I did the math. California did the math. Now we need the Federal government to do it.
#Coronavirus @POTUS @WhiteHouse I urge you to awaken. US Stats for 3-19-20: Again we have #Italy-like stats and I am projecting based on #Italy's case number curve, we will have over 41,000 total cases and 549 deaths based on our current mortality rate IN 5 DAYS. It's time for a 30 day #NationalCoronavirus Vacation. Half-baked measures will not cut it. Many will needlessly die if we remain on the current path. I reported the slowing in the data we saw early on, but that was related to China actually getting things under control by shutting down for a month. We need to do the same. 1.US Total Cases 2. D/D Inc Tot Cases 3. D/D Active Case Inc Dead Recovered 3/17/2020 6362 42.52% 42.72% 1.52% 0.36% 3/18/2020 9077 42.68% 41.51% 1.60% 0.44% 3/19/2020 13159 44.97% 45.88% 1.34% 1.17%
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