. @VP @POTUS Dr. Fauci clearly supports the concept of a #NationalCoronavirusVacation, but he's not allowed to tell you that. He just did say however that both #California and New York's governors are taking bold actions to stop the spread of the virus and control the number of cases. Realize this: If you get sick and the hospitals are overwhelmed, you may die simply because someone else go to the last respirator first. That's a fact of the trajectory of US case numbers. The piecemeal plan the #Trump administration is leading is doomed to fail, because after CA and NY get their numbers under control, infected people from other states will just reinfect them. That is a "Duh!" AGAIN, please take the time to call your Senators (see prior links) and Rep in the House and urge them to get a NATIONAL shut down of non-essential services for 30 days. The alternative is dragging this out, much higher case numbers (>41,000 in 5 days (see yest), and many more deaths. AVOIDABLE DEATHS.
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