Here's your homework for tonight! ;) Set up a spread sheet and copy to it all your trades in/out since the top in your portfolio. On @CharlesSchwab you can quickly copy all of that from exported Excel spreadsheets. I looked at what has happened to my exposure to equities since the 2020 top of my portfolio which for me was 2-10 (I'm comparing my ATH with the SPX ATH). The SPX top was 2-19-2020. Here's my homework: I have increased my exposure in dollar terms by a NET of 2.9% vs my own ATH, although the market has been working in the opposite direction. My lower exposure prior to the downturn has shielded me from a big chunk of the decline (as of last night I had sustained losses 41.69% less than I would have had I been as fully invested as I am "during a Bull market." My sizable gold positions helped too of course. Figure out what you've been doing since the top. Until you run the numbers, you won't know. Feel free to comment below!