#COVID19 #Coronavirus #Florida + other states are failing... US Stats show the prior peak in new total cases was 39, 099 on April 24th. Today it was 40,184. The low was 18,692 on May 11th. We are still headed in the wrong direction most likely due to the lack of mask wearing and social distancing in the US. Note NY is not suddenly testing less than it did. BTW Gov. DeSantis said positive cases were rising faster than the increase in testing. Thanks for that honesty! There is now a "Red State" pandemic when there was a "Blue State" pandemic before, although Blue States can't coast. Click the link and then click on "Statistics" on the left: #Florida: google.com/search?kgmid=/g/... is what FAILURE looks like. #NewYork: https://g.co/kgs/St4oPV is what SUCCESS looks like... If New York could wear masks/socially distance, and drive down new cases, I'm pretty sure Florida can too, and if it can't, it will soon have the you-know-what scared out of it by crowded hospital ICUs and the rest... 1/
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