#COVID19 #Coronavirus Whatever your political leanings, take a moment and think about/pray for the 14,578 Americans that are seriously ill with #COVID19 tonight... By all accounts the disease makes patients very uncomfortable when they have a serious case of it with unremitting high fever, body aches that prevent sleep, and difficulty breathing, which cannot be easy when you consider what gasping for air feels like....not good. Take a moment too and be grateful for your health and life that allows you to be here - to learn, trade and invest. Life is a gift and 195,239 of our fellow Americans have lost that gift... Ref. worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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#COVID19 #Coronavirus @OptionsArtist #NotTheFlu The pathology it causes is worse than the flu. I've diagnosed cases of ARDS and the lung does not look pretty, which is why those with serious cases take so long to recover their lung capacity and some never will, which could debilitate an unlucky athlete. The other issue that is distinct is the attack on blood vessel endothelium. That is what causes the small vessel damage in multiple organs, most importantly in the lungs themselves, heart, brain (mini-strokes), and kidneys. This proves the illness is "Not the Flu": "For example, a 21 May paper in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that the lungs of COVID-19 victims had nine times as many clots as those who died of the H1N1 flu." 1/
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