$TNX $TLT $IEF #SmallSaverBailout @federalreserve NY Fed's Full Measure Underlying Inflation Gauge is per @DiMartinoBooth the best public measure of inflation was at 1.3% for August, up 0.2% from prior month. Means if you are making 0.775% per year on your 10 Year Treasuries, you had better be trading them, because over a year, you will be losing 0.525% of your $ if inflation stays constant. The #Fed is there trying intentionally to make inflation worse. Bad deal! Once again, the @federalreserve is screwing small savers. How about a bailout for them? I'm serious. How about paying small deposit holders additional interest on their money during this period of low interest rates? The Fed is bailing out massive businesses, but how about INDIVIDUAL SAVERS? Many on this site have sizable assets/can afford to take a hit on your cash, but many cannot. Program: Have banks calculate the av. annual deposit level and if taxpayer is below X Ann Income pay UIG Infl +0.7% on it. Done!
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RE The Coming Inflation - @ATANDY It adds risk for older investors, yes, if they want to make anything on their money. As rates rise eventually, it will get even worse as their bond investments drop and force them into even more risk, which means the stock market becomes even more volatile. This is a balancing act on both Fed and fiscal sides. The end game is inflation, but first with a dash of deflation...maybe. Follow the charts, as theories and plans are nice until the markets show us what we must do... IMO.
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