Given what I just said about the raw nature of many people’s emotions, I will now cease to comment on President Trump and/or his specific policies from this point forward. I’ll do the same for Biden to be balanced. If I share #COVID19 data with you, I will refer to the response of the United States, not the president specifically. You can interpret the data as you like in regard to his or Biden’s leadership. I would hope we can remain friends and move forward from this divisive election. I have extremely close friends who are avid Trump fans. I assure you that I care for them as much or more than I do for those who support and are voting for Biden. Yet who is elected president will not matter in the end if you believe in our Constitution and the thoughtful way our founders created our nation. In the Pledge of Allegiance it doesn’t say we’re supposed to be divisible. It calls on us to be indivisible. So let’s do that...2/2
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