PSA #COVID19 #Coronavirus Tip #1. If you have a relative in danger, please get them on an #ECMO machine ASAP especially if they are doing poorly on a ventilator. The patient is kept on the ventilator if already on one and receives O2 through an ECMO machine used in heart-lung bypasses. Nearly 2/3's of patients on ECMO and severe respiratory distress from COVID19 survive on ECMO. Here is a small NYU study that showed even better results: The machine makes sure the patient is oxygenated, when their lungs are unable to do that! As they heal, their lungs resume functioning as long as the ARDS reaction to SARS-2 (the COVID virus) is not too advanced. Tip 2. The statement that very young kids do better with COVID19 is NOT true for babies and some older kids suffer blood vessel damage from COVID that is very serious and may end up with strokes. #Babies less than 1 year old don't have developed immune system and are more susceptible to the virus.
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