#CapitolBuilding This woman, Lindsay Watts was among those rioting and breaking into the Capitol Building. She had a husband and a business. She was responsible for her own death, but #Trump is also responsible for inciting what went on yesterday. A quote from her: "Nothing will stop us." google.com/imgres?imgurl=ht...
.@POTUS #Trump has sponsored an act of mob based @GOP #Terrorism today, nothing less. They have terrorized the entire #CapitolBuilding. Breaking windows, crashing through barriers, threatening Capitol Police many of whom have been injured, then one dunce sitting in the seat of @VP #Pence. A woman was shot in the chest on the grounds and is in critical condition. These are terrorists. And Trump sits and tweets but does not say stop and back off. No clear instructions and the #NationalGuard is now on way with #MD and #VA National Guard in numbers.
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