Under the Hood... KWEB passed up through my sell point by a bit and is back below today. Could just be another lower high in the downtrend... I'm seeing a lot of that among the stocks I've sold. CRWD may be doing the same thing. ZEN went all the way up to the 50 day mav had its "kiss" and failed...so far... TDOC Weak lower high. IBB could be too, although there is also a higher low, so it could end up being a consolidation. Consider selling anything you own that recently made a lower low and is significantly red today - at least into the close. Then get into the Bullish indexes and stocks with the proceeds on their next pullbacks. Paying taxes is preferable to losing money, if taxes are a concern. I'd tend to hold anything that just went down minimally (without making a sig. lower low) and then sideways in March if previously in a strong uptrend. Pullbacks are inevitable in Bull markets, but how much various indexes/stocks pull back matters in assessing their prospects.