#COVID19 vs. Lightning - Actually the risk of dying from #COVID19 from ages 0-54 per CDC data published at the end of Jan. is 450.7 times the risk of being struck by lightning during a given year in the US. That means 901.4 (unvaccinated) people dying of COVID in that age range per million Americans. The death rate is much higher than that for older individuals. It is true that those who don't have any comorbidities have a lower risk of of dying of COVID, but it's still 27 times that of being struck by lightening. Not all chronic illnesses that place patients at risk are "lifestyle related," which I presume means avoidable to you. Obesity is not avoidable for all. Neither is diabetes (some diabetes is avoidable based on obesity; type 1 is not), chronic liver or kidney disease, cancer, immunosuppressive diseases, and even many cases of heart disease. You are also neglecting the social and ethical obligation we have of protecting others in your comment. It's not all about "you."
@SunAndStorm that’s true that there are too many uninformed, however if you’ve taken care of yourself and don’t have lifestyle related chronic illnesses you really have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than dying from Covid.
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That 27 times is only for the 0-54 yr. old age range. It's obviously higher in older individuals without comorbidities.