#NationalSecurity. Feds are investigating a Cuban-style attack on the south lawn of the White House whose victim was a National Security Council official. A bit too close for comfort. In Havana, it is alleged the Cubans fried our diplomats brains (microwave technology was suspected). Scans showed physical alteration of their brains. “U.S. investigating peculiar attacks with hallmarks of "Havana syndrome" near White House” cnbc.com/2021/04/29/us-inve...
@SunAndStorm Seems to me I read this happened elsewhere? Like Russia or Korea, could have been Cuba? I read about this about 2 months ago. I would assume our military/Nasa should be able to detect microwaves pointed at specific locations on earth. I believe it would have to come from space, right?
.@shrwd In Cuba they thought it was local transmission. The Cubans wouldn't have space weapons unless aliens were helping them. It's a poor country. Cuba is a great example of the total failure of Communism despite what about a third of Millennials supposedly believe - they are deluded. The only successful Communists are fakes running fascist governments next to full throttle capital markets like China.