I've owned both $PANW and $CRWD in the past, but now only own $PANW. @JimCramer highlighted CRWD with a CEO interview last night. Since they compete, I did a comparison using @YahooFinance numbers for the next two years (go to Yahoo Fin and find the "Analysis" pages for each), but then I adjusted CRWD's projected E and Rev growth by the valuation premium of CRWD, and here is what I found. CRWD unadjusted E/Rev Growth Y/Y projected at 81.6%/35.33% vs. PANW at 18.7%/18.3%. BUT adjusted vs. PANW as I just described CRWD growth goes to 5.71%/6.64%, which are fractions of the PANW growth. Chartwise, CRWD has been stronger in its past 1 month momentum. Both stocks have been consolidating their gains since Dec. 2020 in a broad trading range, and both are down off their Feb. highs. CRWD must make it over the April high to change the technical picture. PANW must do the same. The pressure to protect networks should help both companies succeed.
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